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August 5, 2013

Blistering heat still. Every day I have to water the garden early in the morning (from 6 AM to 8 AM), otherwise all the berry bushes, herbs, fruit trees, and other plants will die. The rain water barrels are empty, I have to use costly tab water from the municipality. In the sink and in the shower cabin are buckets now to collect all the wastewater which is not (or only slightly) contaminated with detergents.

Garden work is possible till 11 AM, because the large trees of the forest provide shadow, but then I have to seek rescue in the house. Eating, reading, cleaning, siesta. From 6 PM till sunset I work again in the garden.

Well, it is not difficult to understand that such a heatwave significantly reduces productivity. All the gibberish talk about lazy Africans and Arabs. If we caucasians would live near the equator, we would be probably achieve even less than they do.

Why don’t they use air conditioning?
Because they are poor, they cannot afford one.
They are poor because they are lazy and don’t work hard!
Wrong, they are poor because they are not citizens of the colonial powers who steal and rob the worlds riches since centuries.

I don’t have an air conditioning unit though I could afford it. I moved one computer and one guitar into the basement, where it has 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). Very pleasant, compared to the 28 degrees Celsius (83 degrees Fahrenheit) in the first floor.

If the heatwave continues, I will setup a bed in the basement.

Environmental news:

Financial news:

Imperial news:
Who could have had an interest in silencing Michael Hastings and Barnaby Jack? Even if one doesn’t like to indulge in conspiracy speculations, this could be hot!

Speaking of mysterious deaths:

Every political leader, who tries to redistribute the wealth of a nation more justly, is vilified by Western media, is denounced, castigated, slandered, characterized as preposterous, a tyrant, a fascist, a “mad man”.

Because the redistribution of wealth sets a dangerous (dangerous for the rich elites) precedent!

So it happened to Robert Mugabe, who enacted in the 1990s one of the few successful land distributions, after the “willing buyer-willing seller” based land reform program failed.

How will history see the achievements of Robert Mugabe, compared to Nelson Mandela, who arranged a change of political representation while letting the economic exploitative system unchanged?

If you don’t like the outcome of a democratic election, dispute it! If you don’t like the leadership of a country, get rid of it (Lumumba, Gaddafi). How do Congolese and Libyans fare compared to the people of Zimbabwe?

News from Congo (just to put things into the right perspective):

And news from liberated Libya


Imperial conquest news:

Continuous ethnic cleansing (waiting for the Western media outcry….)

Sweat Wendy is the member of the cat family who suffers most from the heat. She is a long-haired cat, one could even rightfully say, she is an extra long-haired cat. The vet told me, that she has not seen a cat with that much hair for a long time, if ever.

Wendy cannot shed her fur and most of the day she is resting on the couch in the sitting room, waiting for cooler times. She has not discovered the basement yet. Gandhi Jr. has, he is just sleeping on my lap, as I write these few sentences.

Wendy had a difficult youth, because she was very sick and infected with every imaginable parasite and bacteria when we rescued her, a tiny, approximately two week old kitten, from an abandoned farm house. She had to take medicine for the first two month and always had blood in her stool.

I can remember that during this time after waking up I immediately went to the room where Wendy and her companion Cindy (the other kitten which we rescued from the farm) slept, to look if she was still alive. What a relief, when I found her alive and more or less well.

Wendy is now a healthy five year old cat, Cindy disappeared, probably shot by a hunter. I wrote about Cindy in several blog posts, I intend to commemorate her somewhere in the future with one longer text.

Cindy, the Piano Cat
Cindy, come home!
Something Personal
Little Ghost

As always, at the end of the link list a few cat pictures, this time it is Wendy’s turn.

Wendy windowsill DSCN2303

Wendy and Cindy DSC00591

Wendy DSC00827

Wendy stairs DSCN0073

Wendy book shelf DSCN2759

Wendy guitars DSCN2510

Wendy kitchen DSCN0631

Wendy Mia guitars DSCN2572

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  1. Wendy is beautiful!


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