The Anti-Syria Chemical Plot

August 25, 2013

Jim W. Dean  Press TV

“Deep within every one of us lies a natural understanding of good and evil. That is why one man can tell the truth convincingly…but it takes the entire apparatus of the state to peddle a lie, and propagate that lie to new generations.”  Mahatma Gandhi

I watched with absolute astonishment how quickly the West and the Obama regime moved to put wind into the sails of the totally bogus claims of the Syrian army using nerve gas on its own people in the Damascus suburbs when the effectiveness of its traditional counter insurgency operations have been on display for months now. I don’t know a single soul who believes the army would do this.

syria gas attack 1

That the Syrian National Coalition would attempt this Hail Mary pass to trigger a “red line” incident to bring in the Western cavalry (NATO) to save them has been expected by the independent intelligence community. And yes, the photos of lot of dead kids came as no surprise. Killing kids also is a Zionist specialty as they have had a lot of experience at it.

The West has been supporting this reign of terror on the Syrian people for some time now through its admitted aiding and abetting the arming, training and supplying of a diverse array of cut throat criminal insurgent groups recruited from the hovels of North Africa and the Middle East.

Their Persian Gulf State proxies have provided only a thin veil of cover for the introduction of the Neo-Al Qaeda groups who are perpetrating a daily slow motion 9/11 upon the people of Northern Syria. Have those who have supported these terrorists been denounced by the US, the UN, or NATO? Hell no…they have not. Their inaction has been a crime in and of itself.

And the reason would be that the Persian Gulf proxies might then get angry and go public with the revelation that everything they have been doing was with the full knowledge and approval of their Western partners, those seemingly so concerned about these recently mass murdered innocent people. But I see no rage in their hearts for the deaths they are responsible for via the al-Nusra Takfiri throat cutters.

syrian insurgency 1

In 2006 General Wesley Clark once touched on this situational ethics tactic with his famous quote on the Iraq war:

“They (the government) actually believe that the major obstacle to success in Iraq is the American people…that we are the obstacle to success. If they can keep us from knowing the truth, they think they can win!”

The UN and Mr. Ban Ki-moon come out looking just as bad, or worse. Has there been any mention of even an investigation of the Persian Gulf state proxies being in violation of international terrorism laws which would actually list them as targets for pre-emptive strikes? Is the UN Secretary threatening to hold a vote to have them kicked out of the UN, sanctions being imposed and international law proceedings against them under the terrorism and war crime statutes? Of course not.

Most humiliating of all are the pitiful mutterings of the Obama regime about “target updating”, dusting off “contingency plans” to be ready to attack Syria when the President gives the green light. Do they really think the public is so stupid as to not see through this charade in two seconds?

The SNC leaders should all have international arrest warrants put out for them this weekend. Their uploading of the atrocity videos before the event was alleged to have happened was indeed an unprecedented major blunder.

syria gas attack 2

The West and the UN proceeded with their saber rattling as if the video timing gaff did not totally expose the slaughter of these innocent people as the dying gasp of a morally bankrupt SNC. That effectively put their stamp of approval on the committed atrocity and the attempted deception. They are turning a blind eye to the obvious, makes them look like co-conspirators of the SNC, a huge credibility mistake on their parts.

Basic intelligence analysis 101 proceeds on a dual track, looking at what you can see to measure its veracity, and then more importantly looking for missing clues, things that should be visible if the purported act did actually happen as claimed.

Right off the top there are no photos of 1,300 dead victims, and for good reason. There are not that many. Why are bodies of dead children not shown with the dead families, as they would normally be buried together? All we have are claims from a totally unreliable entity (the SNC) who has every reason to have staged the event. Even an idiot would realize this, and the US military and intelligence agencies surely do.

You might ask where the SCN could get such a chemical weapon to use in this war crime. Who has the largest stockpile of WMD including chemical and biological weapons in the Mid East? It is Israel of course.

Is Israel a biased party here, also engaged in supporting the insurgent training, arming and slipping them some Sarin gas to use in a “red line” triggering event? Has Israel ever attacked the United States or run a major false flag operation to make use of American military power? The answers are yes and yes.

Not only is Israel the lead suspect in doing this but it is nearly certain that Washington is fully aware and approving. If not,  the offensive use of WMD by Israel should normally result in ending all US aid, but we know that this will never happen, because the Israelis will just say: “You told us it was OK.”

Painfully absent from those in power in the West is any appearance of objectivity in analyzing the gas attack claims. The usual mutterings are being made about need to check the facts and confirm sources but that has no validity.

The US and the West have watched their allies slaughter of the Syrian people without a single mention that I am aware of for any law enforcement or military action being taken against them. Who has ever heard a call for the Free Syrian Army to be holding trials for the worst murderers in their ranks, who has ever heard an appeal to the al-Nusrats?

I have to use an age old cliché but it fits so well, “The emperor doth wear no clothes.” To even describe the Western leaders response to this latest war crime as a “foreign policy” is a smear on the phrase.

It is more of a three ring circus. Not the entertainment kind, but the brutal version put on the the Romans in the Colosseum where citizens watched the unfortunate victims die before them as a form of state policy public diversion of that time. Doesn’t this shoddily done false flag attack bare similar motivations?

The bottom line question is, why now such a saber rattling show is being put on? General Dempsey has already said that he can destroy the Syrian Air Force but that would have no strategic effect for improving “American interests”. He said that even if the FSA won there was no evidence that they would be beholden to American interests.

Have you noticed how no one ever lays it out to us what those interests are? It’s a bit odd isn’t it, almost like they want to wait until the thing is over and then tell us with 20/20 hindsight.

Obama covered himself with there being no attack without a UN mandate. Russia and China will never go along with that, so don’t hold your breath for the cruise missiles to start flying. But that said, what is being rolled out now with all the war blustering is the classic “preparing the minds” of the public for something. We have been here many times before. We know the smell.

Could that be in regard to the French reports of CIA and Israeli trained commandos crossing over from Jordan into Syria to help prop up the big losses the insurgents are taking? Are they there as a feint, or a deterrent to the Russians forward deploying their advanced S-300’s close to the border so they can intercept enemy air attacks inside the originating country where they can fire GBS guided munitions?

Notice Iran’s and Russia’s exercise of restraint in the face of public war strike displays of the US. All Iran says is that its growing military power is no threat to any regional neighbor unless it is attacked. Yet the West and Israel do not require an attack to threaten massive use of their military power. They claim the right to attack “potential threats” (defined by them of course).

Who is playing the big bad bully here, the nations of the East, who usually are portrayed as bogeymen, or the proverbial peace and democracy loving West? If the world would held a vote tomorrow we all know who would win the aggressive threat vote. But that is a democracy game the West does not want to play. 

syrian insurgency 2

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